New Year...

Hey all!

And so the saga continues...Happy New Year! This is a very special time in the fitness community for several reasons. One reason being that the volume of people headed to the gym is much larger. Several people are acting on those new resolutions of losing a few pounds and getting more active. While this phenomenon may have draw somewhat of a cynical response from regular gym goers who can't get ahold of their usual treadmill or recumbent bike, I like to capitalize on the new energy in the gym! 

For at least a couple months we are surrounded by more people who are in the gym for the sole purpose of turning over a new leaf and/or improving their quality of life! I like to use this energy to keep myself in that frame of mind as well, improvement and a fresh start. Over the weeks, months, and years, the day to day sets and reps can become a bit monotonous. Just like that one song or movie that you love and have seen or heard a million times, sometimes you wish you could go back in time and experience it again for the first time! 

With that said, lets welcome the friends, family, and strangers alike who may be new to the gym or dusting off the cobwebs. Also, if you're one of the latter...WELCOME!!!

Happy New Year Y'all!