On Motivation...

Hey all!

"I don't feel like working out today..." These are words that the majority of us have spoken or can at least relate to. I, myself am no exception and to be frank, I'm usually not super stoked to lift. This usually stems from a number of things like a lack of sleep, overload at work, family, etc. To take things a step further, I'd say that most people I come into contact with feel this very same way, I mean lets face it, sometimes working out can be a pain!

However, the beauty of this fitness journey comes into play when you decide what comes after "I don't feel like working out today..." My response tends to go a little something like "Lets go ahead and get it over with". I take my time and warm my muscles up by stretching and a couple minutes of cardio, all the while convincing myself that I can do this. By the time I begin my routine I'm usually feeling a less than stellar response physically, I don't feel like I can lift the world just yet, but I continue... One set...two sets...three...By this time, I'm fired up! Or not...But either way it goes I complete the session and feel much better for it.

The message here is that no matter what level of fitness you may occupy, your mentality will determine your results!